Durflex 200 SP

A resilient, waterproof, ready coloured, synthetic coating for tennis courts and sport floorings in general, onto a bituminous conglomerate support.

The system gives a remarkable playing comfort thanks to the use of an intermediate resilient layer of rubber granules bound with resins

durflex® 200 sp synthetic treatment, compound of acrylic water-soluble resins, opportunely modified, impermeable and highly anti-skid, characterized by a good elasticity, a remarkably resistant to wear, to atmospheric agents and to U.V. rays.

Classified by the ITF

Drying time

quick, depending on the outside temperature.

Use this is a product especially engineered for the coating of outdoor/indoor tennis courts on a bituminous conglomerate support. For its versatility it is also suitable for many other sport activities (basketball, volleyball, five-a-side soccer, gymnastics or multifunction use in general). It gives a resilient flooring characterised by comfort and outstanding shock absorption qualities.

It does not require any maintenance.

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