Bodet 8NT220-F10


Indoor use
• SMD LED technology.
• Brightness adjustable via the Scorepad touch screen. Can be adjusted during a match.
• Team names can be programmed from the Scorepad touchscreen keyboard.
• Built-in horn (120dB at 1 metre)

Dimensions: L3410 x H2000 x D65.5mm.
Weight: 135 kg.
Scoreboard construction: Steel.
Protection ratings: IP20, IK09 (DIN standard 18032).
Optimal reading distance: 90m.
Reading angle: 160°.
Power supply: 230V AC, 50/60Hz.
Power consumption: 210W.
Protection level: 16A circuit breaker – curve D.
Communication: Keyboard/8NT220-F10 link by wire or HF radio

Game clock or local time or time-out timer: 4 yellow 20cm digits per team.
Clock stopped indicator: 1 red dot.
Team fouls: 1 red 15cm digit per team.
Alpha-numerical version:
Team names: Max. 11 characters, yellow, 12cm, per team.
Scrolling messages: max. 60 characters, yellow, 12cm.
LOC/VISIT version:
Stickers: Yellow 12cm letters.
Time-out indicators: 3 yellow dots per team.
Period number: 1 yellow 15cm digit.
Score: 3 red 20cm digits per team.
Penalty time count or reminder of last individual foul or
time-out count or result of previous set: 2 yellow + 3 red 15cm digits per team.
Player number: 2 yellow 10cm digits per player.
Individual fouls indicators: 4 yellow dots and 1 red dot per player.
Publicity: L2000 x H300 mm

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